Minutes of the First Popular Assembly of Arganzuela

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Saturday, 28th of May, the First Popular Assembly of Arganzuela. 1,200 people attended this assembly where different ideas and aspirations were expressed.

Minutes as follows;

1. Number of participants:

Estimated 800.

It is worth pointing out the atmosphere relaxed and respectful in spite of the huge turnout present.

2. Consensus reached:

I. Not to be divided into groups or sub-committees for the present time being.

II. Location of the next assembly: same location, Arganzuela Park.

III. Date and time for the next assembly: Saturday, 4th of Jun at 11.00 hours.

IV. Agreement was reach to be part of the network at madrid.tomalosbarrios.net.

V. The Committee of Communication was created.

VI. Agreement was made to have minutes of every assembly public.

3. Suggestions made by the assembly:

Section 1: Groups Creation.

The creation of different groups / committees of work (thought, art…) was expressed, and the Committee of Communications was created.

Section 2: Action suggestions.

Mobilization to stop evictions, demonstrations in front of the private health center in Pontones, school book exchange to combat the abuse of editorial prices, support the arrestees of the 15M through petitions, promote and join the demonstration on 19J (19th of June), and encourage all workers in Arganzuela to join.

Section 3: Mapping and Awareness campaign.

Mapping consisting of creating a database of what services we have available in the area and how one can contribute. Awareness campaign, so people from every age, nationality, etc, could feel identify and participate on the assemblies, working groups and etc.

Section 4: Horizontal Communications between all districts, city councils, neighbourhoods

It was expressed that every group of neighbourhood, district, city council… which have similar working objectives, keep an horizontal communication to exchange ideas and actions.

Section 5: We don’t feel represented/identified

It was expressed that the general assembly are not in touch or feel that they cannot identify with the city council board or the neighbourhood associations.

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