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Under the slogan “Caminemos junt@s contra la crisis y el capital”, Arganzuela takes the street and adds itself to the demonstration taking place on sunday, 19 june 2011, organized by the Coordinadora de Asambleas de Barrios y Pueblos de Madrid with the parallel support of Movement 15-M and the Popular Assemblies of Towns and Neighborhoods of Madrid.

We are not represented by any political parties, associations or trade unions. We dont either want this to work this way, we believe in collective and horizontal participation of citizens in the taking of political decissions which all are affected by. That’s because we, workers, unemployed people, students, young people, retired people, and mortgaged people don’t want to remain impassive towards all those attacks and reductions that will keep being applied, this time from Europe. This call arrives when there is a week for the Euro Pact to be signed. Under this innoffensive name there are hidden a series of economic mesures imposed by the Europe of the finantial powers applied by the member states, which they all have in common the direct attack to social rights, in a new attempt by bankers, politicians and businesspeople to obtain assets and privileges by making us to believe that WE ALL are the responsibles of this crisis.

Within this measures we remark the reductions in sallary and price of dismissals, the precarity of labor condition, the rise of retirement age (more years unemployed), the reduction of retirement pensions and rights of collective negotiation, etc. Also, they’re taking advantage to privatise and sack public services (airports, the Isabel II water channel, health care services, education, local equipments, savings banks, etc) in order to obtain more assets, offering this way a worse service.

If it is not still quite clear what they pretend, they drop taxes to biggest fortunes, and rise them to all who pay equal, such as the VAT, the food, electricity and other articles of first necessity, while they reduce the essential social services just in a moment in which the unemployement rate has reached the 5 million people, and approximately 1 million and a half families don’t receive any income.

The Popular Assembly of Arganzuela, believing that if we all unite we’ll be able to stop them, takes the street on sunday 19, adding herself to one of the five collumns which walk from the towns and neighborhoods to the Parliament, and makes a call to all neighbors to participate in a cheerful, active and combative way in the welcome of the Southwest column which will take place at 12 h over the Puente de Toledo in order to walk altogether through Madrid to the Parliament.

We won’t tolerate any more attacks by the economic and finantial powers against the citizens. This crisis has been generated by them, and we are not disposed to keep on sustaining it. We said no to the labor, retirement pensions and social reductions. We defend the public services. We said no to the privatisation of health care resources and education.

The population is fed up, that’s obvious. The change has been aroused, but nothing has changed yet: we still are stuff handled by politicians and bankers. That’s why we call you to keep fighting for YOUR RIGHTS! On 19 june WE WILL TAKE AGAIN THE STREETS!


Download this manifesto in order to print and spread it, by clicking HERE.

Spread also the poster. In order to print it, click over the image and then, by the time you’ve got it enlarged, click in “Download” and finally you’ll have it in your computer.

(If someone can print a big quantity of them, please contact us).


In this other poster, it is included information about the next assembly, on saturday 18 in Arganzuela Park, over Yeserñias 33, at 11.

You can find other designs of posters for the demonstration of 19 june in:

In order to spread both this sunday’s demonstration at the Parliament and the neighboorhoods’ assemblies, some will go along this week to the INEM for distributing written information and verbally inform unemployed people.
Those interested in participate, please contact with us (click in “Contacto”).

We also invite all people to distribute information all over letter-boxes in our (or else’s) community of appartments.



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