Iberdrola complains about ‘0 consumption’

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Iberdrola complains about ‘0 consumption’
Did you forget to switch off? Don’t worry. There’ll be more opportunities. Next Tuesday, for example. It’s a peaceful and easy way to protest. There’s no reason why we all shouldn’t do our little bit to change things. Whose hands is the power in? We´ll see each other at the big switch off, in the dark of course.

We finally have facts and figures about the big switch off.
According to sources which are obviously unofficial , more than a third of households (some 8 million) in Spain supported the protest which, if we include central heating, and based on an approximate consumption of 1kw per person per 30 minutes and on a price of 0.12 euros per kw, led to Iberdrola losing 960,000 euros.

Almost a million euros

But there’s more. The tax authorities, responsible for the deregulation of prices, lost approximately 173.000 in VAT, almost 29 million pesetas.

Two birds with one stone

It seems that at Iberdrola they are very concerned about the losses caused by the big switch off.

Let’s make it happen again and make those losses even greater.

Join the ‘Tuesdays, zero consumption’ group.

This Tuesday we’ll be switching off again from 22.00 to 22.30.

And the same every Tuesday till the increase in prices is reduced so that it is the same as the increase in the retail price index.

This is the way ordinary people can fight injustice. Let’s not give our money to the rich to make then even richer. Our money is for us.


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