Take the Coast, take the mountains!

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Dear comrades

We want to tell you about the exciting proposal that came out of the weekend we were visited in Madrid by comrades from other cities: ‘Take the coast, take the mountains’.

Since that day we’ve been debating this proposal and how to make it into a mass protest.

The idea is that from 1 August we travel to those areas on the coast and inland which have suffered as a result of pollution, corruption in the construction industry, overcommercialisation
as a result of tourism, destruction of the countryside, diversion of waterways, reservoir construction etc.

We will set up campsites in these areas to raise consciousness of the abuses which are taking place and organise events such as informative workshops. These campsites will be entirely environmentally friendly.

What we need from you is enthusiasm and commitment. We are encouraging everyone to spread the word about this initiative. From Madrid we plan to travel to the mountains of the Laciana Valley in León and be there from 26 August to 5 September to defend the Earth against the destruction being caused there by the open-cast coalmines. We also want to denounce the political and enconomic corruption  that is behind this totally unnecessary destrucion of the environment.

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