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Who are we?
We are the people that in 2011 decided to take part on a historical rescue operation. Thisoperation has been already started by Committees of Mortgage Victims (Plataformas deAfectados por la Hipoteca). Our sole purpose is to rescue our fellow neighbours whichwere victims of the property swindle. This very fraud was led by the financial marketsand the corrupted political class.
This is the year.
In 2011 we decided to stop the plundering. To gather peacefully around the doors ofthose flats to be evicted and step our bodies in front of the “market”, the banks andtheir representatives.
We decided to occupy the space of doorways, flat building stairs and also streets, torescue people which has been abandoned by state institutions. This positioning is a clearexample of active citizenship. A message of solidarity and participation that will clearlyshow our politicians and the finacial markets what citizen civility is. This actions willalso drive the regeneration of democracy in this country.
Hundreds of thousands of neighbours in our boroughs need us. We can set anexample and draw the kind of city and the neighbourhoods we really want to live in.Neighbourhoods where people is protective and supportive; where people share theirproblems and take part in their borough social life.
This is just the begining. The citizenship is sending a clear warning to state power. Ifthe political class has abandoned their democratic duties with the citizens, we have nooption but to say “today we are just stopping evictions, tomorrow, who knows…”

Soy Publica Group fights for Public Founded Education through the waves of Aire Radio.

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Carlos, a fellow neighbour of Arganzuela Borough, and also an active member of Soy Publica Group and Sol Education Committee, share with us the audio of his latest interview at Aire Radio. The radio station is located in Carabanchel.

You can listen to the interview here (in spanish):

The members of Soy Publica defend nothing but a Public Founded Education.

If we the citizens already pay enough taxes, why do we have to pay  more taxes aside just for education?

If the politicians in charge of administering the citizens money are not capable of doing their job, should we change them for others who can?

Those members from the education system who bring up this debate are affraid to be sack from their jobs.

A civil servant can perform badly, be late at work whenever he or she fancies, they can even go drunk to their jobs, but if they complain, they might be sack. Is this democracy?

¡¡We do call for our own “State of the Nation” debate!!

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During the days 28th, 29th and 30th June 2011 the yearly State of the Nation debate is to be held at the Spanish Parliament. From 15M we want to present an alternative debate, critical and constructive, which is aimed to address the citizens real problems.   Sigue leyendo

On vous convoque à notre débat sur l’etat du pays

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Les jours 28, 29 et 30 on célebre au Congrés des Diputés l’annuel débat sur l’etat du pays. Dès le Mouvement 15-M on propose un débat alternatif, constructif, qui aborde les problémes réels des citoyen(e)s.

On a decidé de créer le débat qu’on mérite, le débat ou l’on discute nos preocupations réels, les problémes importants. Qu’ils et leur porte-paroles se distraien au cirque, on n’a pas de temps à perdre.

On espére de disposer de votre participation au débat tu peuple sur l’etat du pays, à la Puerta del Sol, à peine à 300 metres du Congrés, une distance qui symbolise l’énorme brèche entre la clase politique et les citoyens. Sigue leyendo